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Loan with mortgage guarantee vs. Credit on the liquid value of the home

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If you own a house – or if you have a mortgage on a home and you owe less money than the house is worth – there are a couple of ways you can convert that mortgage into money. One way is a home equity loan. The second is a credit on the liquid value […]

10 Cheap Personal Loans

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In effect, the great revolution of technologies makes it possible to dispense with a plurality of bureaucratic procedures achieving the same result, as is the financing of economic emergencies. An assessment at To this day, the client will not have to remain during long waiting lines to know if it is feasible to grant […]

Loans for Unemployed: How to Get them Without Guarantees

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It often happens, for the unemployed, to find themselves asking for loans without repayments (without being able to offer guarantees to the banks) to meet some expenses or to start a project. In this second case it is possible to make the request to obtain a non-repayable loan: we find out how to obtain them […]