Loans for Unemployed: How to Get them Without Guarantees

It often happens, for the unemployed, to find themselves asking for loans without repayments (without being able to offer guarantees to the banks) to meet some expenses or to start a project. In this second case it is possible to make the request to obtain a non-repayable loan: we find out how to obtain them even if you do not have the possibility to present guarantees. Clarification at

Non-repayable loans for the unemployed: who provides them without guarantees?

Non-repayable loans for the unemployed: who provides them without guarantees?

That of non-repayable loans is undoubtedly the most convenient opportunity among those on the loan market. The concept on which this product is based is in fact that for which the sum that is given to us, or part of it, is in fact lost. This simply means that such part of the amount received will not be required to return it. The advantage of this particular form of borrowing is not only from an economic point of view, constituted precisely by the net savings compared to classic personal loans. The problem for all unemployed people interested in obtaining a certain sum of money lies precisely in finding such money, regardless of the economic treatment offered. In most cases, in fact, banks and financial institutions are not willing to offer their money to customers who can not offer them income guarantees. For this reason, the usually required requirements include the paycheck or the pension slip, as they represent fixed income insured every month, from which it is possible to withhold the repayment installments. As for personal loans, therefore, the unemployed usually do not have access to the desired credit. Why, on the other hand, with non-repayable loans, is it not only possible to obtain the desired money but also extremely advantageous economic conditions?

Obviously we are not talking about a type of financing like the others. In fact, non- repayable loans are not loans that we can request from banks or financial institutions as for the various products we have discussed in many reviews on our site. In fact, the credit institutions would have no interest in “giving” a certain sum to the unemployed looking for a loan. Loans for unemployed are in fact granted with the aim of re – launching the country’s economy. Very often the unemployed people interested in receiving funding are those who want to start their own business. The start-up of a new start-up involves considerable initial costs, but in the event that the customer has a valid idea in mind, it can represent a great opportunity for the community. This is the reason why non-repayable loans are a real help in the fight against unemployment, with the creation of new jobs throughout Italy. The funds necessary to offer this economic aid to those who need it and above all to those who deserve it, come first of all from the European Union, which indexes both on its own behalf and indirectly. In this second case, the different States of the Union will be able to grant funding according to pre-established rules, and in particular the calls will be issued by the individual Regions. Finally, a very important institution to which you can apply to receive a non-repayable loan for the unemployed and not only is Invitalia, which manages the funds on behalf of the Italian State.

So there are several institutions to which you can turn in order to obtain the funding we need to start our business. But is it true that you do not need guarantees to get a non-repayable loan if you are unemployed? Being economic aid aimed at the category of unemployed, it is obvious that if guarantees are meant the income guarantees that are required for example to receive a personal loan, these will not be necessary. It would not make sense to promote funding for the unemployed under the presentation of economic guarantees. It is therefore not necessary to have a paycheck or to present the tax return (solution provided for self-employed workers), and for this reason we are talking about loans without guarantees. In practice, however, it is not correct to state that guarantees are not necessary to obtain a non-repayable loan by participating in the notices promoted by the various Regions of Italy. Unlike traditional personal loans, in this case the required requisites relate to the characteristics of the activity that you intend to start.

In fact, the Regions periodically publish tenders for the granting of non-repayable loans. Sometimes these calls provide for age restrictions, with projects aimed at young people under 35, or by gender, in order to promote female entrepreneurship. In many cases, however, the only constraints that are defined in the announcement concern the type of activity. Depending on the region in which it intends to operate, calls will be available concerning agriculture, industry, commerce, tourism and other specific activities. In any case, a very important guarantee that you will have to prove to possess will be first of all our competence. Given the great demand every year for these subsidized loans, only those who prove to be most deserving will have access to the desired credit. Finally, as regards the project we intend to achieve, this must be particularly innovative, a feature highlighted in many calls and essential to obtain the desired amount.

How to receive a non-repayable loan without a paycheck

How to receive a non-repayable loan without a paycheck

We have broadly seen what are the characteristics of non-repayable loans for unemployed people, and which institutions manage the funds that the European Union and the Italian State allocate to encourage the creation of new startups. Youth entrepreneurship is a very important aspect of the economy of a country, which in order to start and look optimistically on the future must precisely focus on young people. For this reason, most of the funds that have as their objective the creation of new activities are aimed at under 35. So if you are young and have an innovative idea in mind, the first thing you need to do is visit the website of your region. Here you will find all the information related to the active calls, and if you meet the required requirements both for your personal data and for the characteristics of your project, you can submit the application directly online.

These calls, as we have already said, will be addressed in particular to young people and women entrepreneurship, but in general there are calls for tenders for all unemployed people looking for funding. It will therefore be possible to apply also to Invitalia or to participate in one of the calls issued by the European Union, for which the application must be sent in English. In any case, in the application we send, we will have to present the detailed business plan of our activity. In this document all the expenses that you intend to face with the desired financing must be reported in detail, with the estimates received from the dealers we have previously contacted. The list of eligible expenses is defined within each call.

Obviously, since it is an extremely convenient loan, it can not be used to meet personal expenses: the expenses reported within the business plan must be strictly connected to the activity to be carried out. Thus, for example, the purchase of machinery and raw materials, the renovation of buildings that will be the headquarters of the company, the costs for IT services but also for consultancy services of various kinds and so on are allowed. Given the great demand for non-repayable loans, only the most deserving projects will be chosen. For this reason the presentation of our project will be very important and, as previously mentioned, our competence in the field in which we intend to operate. For this reason, after the selection of the applications sent online, an interview must be passed in which it will be necessary to expose its economic activity.



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