Ranking of Free Loans, Payday Loans – Choose the Best

The decision to take out a loan may turn out to be quite difficult, especially as such obligations are stressful for us. Lack of money, however, often prevents us from implementing our plans. For some, the loan is the only chance to fulfill your dreams. Not always too low salaries, sometimes the problem is the lack of saving skills. It happens that we are too wasteful and only when the specter of debts hangs over us, we mobilize to put money to repay the loan. However, before proceeding to complete the application, it is worth comparing at least a few offers to select the one that will be most beneficial for us. This time, we paid particular attention to the amount of the free loan and the longest repayment period.

Free loan – a new service that becomes the norm

Free loan - a new service that becomes the norm

The free loan service appeared quite recently and initially only concerned new customers. Now it looks different, but it is still the most privileged group. Such an offer is to encourage them to use the services of a given company, which is why both groups use it, both borrowers who do not have to pay interest, as well as borrowers who gain new clients. What is hidden under the term “free loan”? This means that no fees will be added to it, such as interest rates, loans or insurance. We give the same amount that we borrowed. We do not pay anything for it. There are similar rules here as during the loan from the closest ones.

Usually, the amount of such a loan does not exceed one thousand zlotys. However, we managed to find several companies in which this amount is higher, hence their better position in the ranking.

Loan repayment period – the longer the better

Loan repayment period - the longer the better

There are people who immediately prefer to pay their financial obligations in one installment in order not to worry about it later. Most often the opposite is true and the borrowers want a longer repayment period. Then they can safely put down the money and spend it on repayment of the loan, without worrying about what will happen when they exceed the deadline. The thought of debt can certainly sleep with your eyelids, so it’s always better to have some more time.

We have included this parameter in our ranking. Standard 30 repayment days are definitely not enough for us. Some companies even offer a several times longer repayment period. See which of them are leading in this respect. Familiarize yourself with the objective ranking of free loans.

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